What is the best and hardest part of being a student today? What advice would you give a younger sibling or friend?

Being a Student as a whole is a blessing. Regardless of the pros and cons, the opportunity to learn and be better is itself the biggest thing that can happen to a person. There are people deprived of learning due to personal as well as ambient reasons. That’s why regardless of what we face we should be thankful for it. Talking about the topic: the best part of being a student in today’s world is access; access to the world, access to more information, access to reaching out, access to diversify, access to everything. Students get to learn not only the academic things but also get to learn/cultivate things beyond academics. We can interact with anyone, literally anyone in this world in split seconds. The opportunity to travel wherever we want helps a student to experience how things are carried out in places outside of their bubble. The teachers these days are more liberal, the classroom setting is different which makes the experience fun and advanced. As much opportunity as we have these days, there are a lot of drawbacks in today’s students’ life. The more the opportunity the more the competition and more competition leads to social as well as peer pressure leading to depressions, mental health problems and worst case scenarios-suicides. That’s the reason why we find many young students committing suicides everyday. The influence of things surrounding them, the pressure of today’s fast paced society has immense pressure on today’s learners. Furthermore, More access leads to more distractions which leads to improper time management. We also need to find a proper balance between our social life and studies. They say “With power comes Responsibility” which is true. Although the drawbacks seem to outweigh the best parts, the “best parts” will lead to a better citizen, a better human being. Being a student is a process; A process to teach yourself to live a life, a process to make yourself self-disciplined, a process to take a step further in making us a little bit better than yesterday. 

Ponder upon your own thoughts. Walk alone sometimes.

I have lived 18 years on this planet and I have no expertise in anything so far but I can certainly say something that I’ve learned through my experiences as well as from what I saw happen to other people. First off, I would like to tell people like me to focus more on themselves than on social media and other wasteful things. No one really cares about how many likes you have on Instagram. Instead focus on simpler things in life like: learning how to cook, learning how to do proper gardening, improving on your hobbies. I would say spend more time with your parents. I myself spend a lot of time alone but I also want to spend some more time with my family. I would choose family over friends on any day in any given circumstance. The other thing that I’ve realized is that you don’t need to worry about the number of friends you have. Try to keep it small. Know whom you should interact with. I would also advise people like me to focus more on communicating skills. Learn how to express your thoughts and ideas. I myself am not very good at this but I’m working on it. Learn how to control your thoughts and emotions. Have fun but responsibly. Enjoy with friends but keep your limits. Focus on yourself but don’t be narcissistic. I am advising this not only to a friend but to myself as well. I also need to work and improve myself. We should never stop improving ourselves. I am yet to learn a lot of things. I am in no position to advise people like me to do this or to do that because I myself am exploring and learning these things. I want to learn more and inspire people towards something better and greater than themselves.

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