Just 45min away from Rome in an airplane, My family and I went to Switzerland. Well, Rome was getting hotter day by day so we decided to go to a cooler place.Here’s a fact about me: Switzerland looks very similar to my birthplace-Nepal. I was born and raised in  Nepal and I see why politicians were always bragging about developing Nepal into Switzerland. This statement was heard only and only during election rallies while asking for votes. To be honest, Nepal is quite like Switzerland but the major missing is the “development” part. I stayed in Switzerland for  6 days and I can’t lie it almost felt like home. Hills, mountains, lakes, friendly not so friendly people, simply put HEAVEN! Starting off we took a Bernina express train to Tirano. Can’t believe we flew from Italy to come to its borders by train from Switzerland. Jokes apart, the way Switzerland has maintained such cleanliness and the way they have preserved nature, despite being one of the top destinations in the world, I felt like they deserve an award or some kind of worldwide recognition for it. I saw hundreds of tourists along the way but the environment and nature seemed untouched. While if we look at Nepal’s condition, We get barely some thousand of tourists yet it feels like there were half a billion people partying and dirtying the travelling spots. Moving on, We had some food in Tirano and returned to Zurich fulfilling our souls and eyes by the beauty of Nature we saw all along. Third Day we went to “Top of Europe”. Who would’ve thought a guy born in the place of “Top of the World”(Mt. Everest) would be travelling around Europe’s top. Anyways we went through Interlaken, took a cable car then took a train up to Jungfraujoch. World class infrastructure, amazing service, beautiful food and many more although very expensive, the experience is a once in a lifetime.

 After that day, We went to Rhine Falls. We got onto the train from Zurich and reached there after an hour or so. The weather was perfect. The mesmerizing view and the bridge in between the waterfall was amazing. See it for yourself:

We spent almost like 2 hours just walking around the waterfall, having ice-creams and just enjoying nature. We came back to Zurich and travelled around the Zurich city centre. Then we went on a cruise on Zurich Lake. The views we saw along the lake were truly a representation of how beautiful the city of Zurich is. It started to rain a little bit which made it a perfect time for coffee and coffee tastes really good when you’re feeling a little cold, when it’s raining and when the view is amazing. With the surp of coffee, I realized how blessed I am. I have my family together, We have a place to live, Me and my sister study in a great school and many more positivity were going through my head. I really understood what travelling does to a man. I realized my brain was clearer when I came back and started to do my daily activities. I felt rejuvenated. The next day we went to Geneva. Geneva felt like Rome. I’ve been living in Rome for almost a year and half now and I felt that Rome and Geneva were pretty similar except for the fact that Geneva is really clean and better organized. It might also be the reason that since I’ve been living in Rome, I might have been used-to what I’m seeing. So I can’t really complain about it. We went to UN headquarters, went to Geneva Lake and then had some food and returned.  The next day we had to take an early flight so we went around Zurich’s city centre again, did some shopping, had dinner and came back. 

5 days felt like 5 hours. The trip was amazing. The thing about travelling is that it enriches your soul. After visiting a place, you feel fulfilled in a certain kind of way. People take all these fancy classes for self-care, mental awareness, spirituality, but for me Nature is providing all these things free of cost. You just need to stay calm and observe nature. It’s just that simple. Watching the moon and stars at night, observing a mother duck taking her ducklings to the lake, watching sunsets fills me with a lot of positivity and happiness. It made me realize how simple things are neglected yet when noticed, they provide a much realistic sense of happiness. Not everyone can travel, especially during these times but we can explore our own city/neighborhood. There are plenty of unknown yet amazing things that nature had been serving us but we had neglected. Keep exploring but never deviate from your end goals. Fulfill your duties and let the universe work for the result.

3 thoughts on “Switzerland

  1. I assume you speak Nepali, Italian and English – at least – and your English is excellent! You write very well – or is that partly because I agree with you on a number of things, e.g. that travel can enrich and refresh the soul and that in the end, all you need is to be in nature. No “fancy class” will give you what nature offers.
    I haven’t been to Rome or Switzerland but I can imagine the truth of what you said about both, and Nepal as well.
    Thank you for the follow – as a nature lover you may be interested in scrolling through some of my posts, which are filled with photographs of the Pacific Northwest of the US. Enjoy, and good luck with your studies.

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