Summer ’21

The days are passing by and school is about to restart in about ten to fifteen days. I have had such a good summer this year. Discipline, Health, self- growth and spirituality are few of the aspects that I tried to stick with and implement in my habits. I had planned about this before summer started but I never thought I would have stuck with my plan but I did, to some extent. Even though there were some minor distractions/discontinuation, I’m happy with the way I structured my way through this summer.


Looking back at my first summer in Rome, it was a fruitful and a new experience. It was my first real summer holiday as we did not have such long summer vacations in Nepal. Even though I knew this was going to be a long vacation, After almost 2 and half months, it seems almost as if the vacation started just yesterday. I could’ve done much better with my day to day schedule for the vacation but I have no regrets for squeezing in some vacation vibes and taking some small breaks in-between. The major output from this summer was that I learned how to discipline myself and found out that “It is possible”. I studied not only for my academics but I also read and listened to some amazing books/ ebooks. The trip to Switzerland taught me alot about planning, day to day errands while you are in a new place, and a little exposure when dealing with people. I am yet to write my summary on the Swiss trip but I will write it within this week. 

Furthermore, I could’ve reduced my social media usage a little bit more. Although I have significantly reduced its usage, I think a little less would completely make my time valuable. I want social media to be just and only just a platform to get informed and connect. I realized before summer that I was spending a lot of my time on random stupid places where majority of the people are faking and tryna show the world they are the best. Moving on, I have reduced my phone usage to just 20 minute a day. I read a few great books. I have written their summary on my blog. Although I get only a few traffic on my blog, I still don’t feel discouraged because the sole purpose of me writing blogs is so that I could simply put my life into words, also so that whenever I have free time, I could easily remind myself of what things had mattered to me at the time of writing and what I value now. In other words, My blogs are a source of growth for me. It includes book summaries, trip summaries, mental health, meditation, photography and many more. A little traffic would obviously make me happy but hey, followers/viewers/supporters are not gained or lost it is earned. To be continued….

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